Account Management
Your account will be supported by our Director of Corporate Services/Treasurer, Ms Neary. Ms Neary  has over 16 years of travel industry expertise in the area of operations management, client relations management, group and meeting travel, supplier negotiations. Additionally, Ms Neary's corporate background has given her an understanding of the analytical and informational needs of management. She looks forward to working with your staff to provide analysis and day-to-day management of your account by:

  1. Integrating with your travel planners for complete orchestration of all activities in conjunction with your organization during the implementation process.
  2. Working with your travel planners to design, revise and introduce a travel policy with recommendations for cost savings.
  3. Reviewing required accounting information and establish procedures and reporting.
  4. Determining suitable and pertinent management reports, providing in-depth trend analysis with recommendations and benchmark assistance.
  5. Assisting you to incorporate preferred and negotiated rates into a corporate travel policy.
  6. Introducing new services and programs for the continued benefit of your company.


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