Partnership Approach
CSCT is large enough to handle your global needs, small enough to be responsive and entrepreneurial enough to be flexible. Having owned and operated our organization since inception, Connie has adopted the philosophy of providing quality travel management services which continuously exceed our customers' expectations. We realize that the financial aspect of retaining an existing client-partner far exceeds the cost of acquiring a new partner. Thus, the time and energy we spend to develop new system for your individual needs, including value added services, is of utmost importance and priority.



Electronic Ticketing
Currently, we are providing Electronic Ticketing(E-Ticketing) to those clients requesting such tickets. An E-Ticket is an electronic ticketing option which eliminates the need for paper flight coupons and is stored in the airline carrier's database. Prior to implementation, we will discuss the current advantages/disadvantages associated with
E-Tickets and which airlines offer this method of ticketing.


Prepaid Ticket Advise (PTA)
When absolutely needed, CSCT can issue tickets at airport locations. Since there is an airline imposed charge associated with this service, we try to do everything possible to issue tickets directly to the traveler before utilizing PTA's.


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