Draw a line through a map of Europe and you will see the extremes that it covers: from the eternal night of an Icelandic winter to the endless summers of sultry Greece; from Portugal, starting point for explorers to the New World, to the emerging countries of Eastern Europe. Within Europe's 3.8 million square miles, there is such a mixture of cultural identity, history, and architectural splendor's, that to experience even one country is a delightful memory which will last forever. Visiting Europe at this time gives you more value as the U.S. dollar still remains strong. So don't put off those dreams of visiting the country from which your ancestors came, or the country about which you have always read and longed to see. Europe is the number one destination other than the Caribbean where a passport is needed and more U.S. citizens are getting passports for Europe. Over 12 million from the U.S last year and many were first time travelers to Europe. CS Cruises & Tours can plan the ideal European vacation for you whether it be an escorted tour or independent travel. Our specialty is "fitting" it to you.



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